Support Coordination

Mindset Intervention’s knowledgeable Support Coordinators can assist you with connecting to the right local services and supports, simplifying the process and helping you take steps towards a brighter future.

Support Coordinators Available

Mindset Intervention’s knowledgeable Support Coordinators can assist you with connecting to the right local services and supports, simplifying the process and helping you take steps towards a brighter future.

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Understanding Your Plan

Mindset Intervention’s dedicated Support Coordinators will assist you in building capacity to understand your plan, your support budgets and expenses.

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Planning and Coordination of Supports

Mindset Intervention’s team of qualified Support Coordinators will work alongside you to locate and engage providers, services, and supports that fit best with your objectives and goals.

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As a team, we can

Work with you to learn your preferred method of support and service delivery. Together we can build a timetable that works towards your goals, requirements, and financial plan.

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Connecting You with Supports and Services

Our team of Support Coordinators have a strong understanding of the services within your local community. They can assist you with the following,

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Empowering Independence

Our Team of Support Coordinators will collaborate with you, your family, and caregivers to empower your capacity to independently select and manage your supports.

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Preparation for Unforeseen Situations

Our team of Support Coordinators are available to aid you in readiness for unexpected events. They will also empower you to develop the skills and confidence to address such situations independently.

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Management of Crisis Situations – Planning, Prevention, Mitigation, and Response

Assisting beyond just preparation, our dedicated Support Coordinators can facilitate access to crisis services when required.

They are experienced in devising a crisis management plan and taking suitable action should a crisis emerge. Our Support Coordinators, however, are not crisis workers but will offer support and endeavour to assist you in finding the supports you need in these times.

When receiving a request to provide support services, the process is as follows:

  • Advocating for Your Well-Being: Our Support Coordinators are committed to safeguarding your best interests in various ways. They are inclusive,
    empathetic, and understanding and can provide guidance and support
    tailored to your specific requirements, this will help to make sure that your individual needs are met. They also maintain transparency and objectivity, avoiding any conflicts of interest that could compromise the quality of service they provide. In addition, our Support Coordinators adhere to the highest ethical standards and strictly follow the relevant code of conduct, guaranteeing that you receive quality care and consideration in your journey towards well-being.
  • Addressing concerns and exercising choice: If you have any concerns
    regarding the quality or safety of support coordination or other services, or if you find shared providers uncomfortable, you are encouraged to report these concerns through the designated channels. NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission phone 1800 035 544 or visit their website for more information.
  • It is important that you have the independence and choice of your own to
    select a Support coordination provider, it is recommended that you engage a separate provider from your other support providers, this is to ensure that your preferences and needs are met without conflict. Our team of Support Coordinators are here to assist you to understand this, and the safety reasons behind having your supports provided from separate Organisations and Individuals. At times this is a choice and if your choice is to have the same provider as your Support Coordinator, we can formulate a plan to mitigate any risk this conflict may bring. Every person is entitled to choice and control surrounding their support team.

our support coordinators will provide clear guidance on:

Developing life skills and independence

our support coordinators will provide clear guidance on:

Instances when unregistered providers offer a viable choice.

our support coordinators will provide clear guidance on:

Any prerequisites for quotations, assessments, or procedural modifications, such as home or
vehicle alterations.

Establishing and Sustaining Your Supports

When it comes to engaging and maintaining NDIS funded supports, our experienced
Support Coordinators are here to assist you in the following ways:

Tailored Service Agreements – Our team of Support Coordinators go the extra mile to
ensure that your services are aligned with your unique needs. They will put together
service agreements and service bookings that fit specifically to your requirements,
and your budget, making sure that you receive the support you need.

Complete Transparency- Mindset Intervention’s Support Coordinators provide complete transparency regarding provider billing policies, offering clarity on matters such as travel expenses and cancellation fees, so you can make informed decisions.

Address and Overcome Challenges- Our Support Coordinators will work with you to
address and overcome any challenges or obstacles that may arise, this is to ensure
the smooth and effective use of your NDIS funding.

Uphold and Optimize Supports

Our Support Coordinators arevery experienced and are dedicated to maintaining the effectiveness and success of your existing supports. They will assess the performance of your current services and identify areas that may require improvement, such as handling provider cancellations, advising the increasing or decreasing of supports, or addressing dissatisfaction with services, together with you, the Support Coordinator will create a plan to find a resolution with all of your support providers ensuring your well-being remains a priority.

Our Team of Support Coordinators stay in touch with your ever-changing needs, by working with you closely to identify any changes that occur that may result in different support needs over time. At times new providers or any changes you face may require adjustments to your current support needs and goals, our Support Coordinators are able to support you through these changes ensuring that suitable support is always in place.

Making complaints- Mindset Intervention’s Support Coordinators are qualified to assist you in filing a complaint if this is required through the appropriate channels if you feel the need, they will also support you to resolve a conflict situation before it reaches the stage of formal complaint, this support can reduce a lot of stress in these situations.

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